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Medical Elastic Conforming Bandages


Highly elastic, non-creasing antislip bandages with a porous design which allows for wound ventilation, helping to prevent wound breakdown from prolonged moisture exposure. These bandages are soft and gentle to the skin and comfortable to wear. The excellent elasticity of the conforming bandage fabric and its high restoring force allow bandages to be applied rapidly and with economical use of the material.

Ideal for

  • Highly elastic bandage with porous design to allow for would ventilation
  • Latex free
  • Very skin friendly
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Offers soft and anti-slip material
  • Highly absorbent, soft and anti-slip
  • Evenly rolled and easy to unwind
  • Good tensile strength

These first aid dressing bandages an be used for fixing padding to a wound. They are suitable for use as emergency bandages as compression can be quickly added to wound with one product rather than working with individual padding and gauze.

ISO 13485 CE FDA

6 x 40cm
8 x 400cm

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