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Sterile non-woven Hospital Gown

This sterile hospital gown has elastic knitted cuffs to ensure a secure fit and a tie on fixture to easily get the gown on. The gown has excellent mobility to ensure the wearer can do everything they need to in this gown. It is made from polypropylene (PP) a fluid repellent coated non-woven fabric ensuring that the wearer stays sterile and clean when wearing the gown, the material is also very strong and acts as an excellent impermeable barrier against pollutants.

Product Attributes
• Sterile
• Elastic knitted cuffs
• Tie on
• Latex Free
• Fluid repellent
• High mobility
• Comfortable to wear

The gowns are necessary for techniques that require sterility and ensures the wearer and patients are fully protected.


110x130cm, 115x117cm, 120x140cm, 125x145cm

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