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Surgical Non-woven Medical Tape Plaster

This medical tape uses a microporous nonwoven material with a breathable coating, which allows the skin to breathe comfortably by enabling air to penetrate the tape and reach your skin. Made of ultra-thin breathable material that bends and bends as you move, these bandages are comfortable to wear and are suitable for sensitive skin due to the hypoallergenic nature of the material. Perfect for securing dressings, splints or tubing in place and with the strong, durable material. The tape is easy to use as it is easily torn without scissors and there is no residual adhesive after removal.

Product Attributes
• Very skin friendly
• Comfortable to wear
• Microporous material offers breathability
• Helps to secure dressings, splints and tubing
• Good tensile strength
• Tears easily
• No residual adhesive after removal

This surgical medical tape is suitable for securing dressings, splints and tubing in place easily and efficiently.

ISO 13485 CE FDA

1.25cm x 5m
2.5cm x 5m

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