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Transparent Film Waterproof Wound Dressing

These transparent waterproof wound dressings are very abosrbent, and so help to prevent bleeding from the wounds. The outer dressing is made from an ultra-thin PU film allowing greater mobility, and excellent comfort. The PU film has a special semipermeable membrane, which has excellent breathability, hypoallergenic properties, high elasticity and breathability. The breathable film helps to prevent moisture and bacteria invasion, reducing the chance of wound infection and the waterproof nature ensures that patients can live their life easily while wearing this dressing. The dressing is durable yet easy to peel off when needed without causing secondary damage to the wound.

Product Attributes
• Self adhesive
• Latex free
• Breathable and comfortable
• Good tensile strength
• Water resistant
• Hypoallergenic
• ultra-thin PU film with a semipermeable membrane
• Easy to peel off

These wound dressings are ideal as effective relief to smaller cuts, grazes, scratches and superficial sores.

ISO 13485 CE FDA

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