Compress Bandage PBT First Aid Bandage

SKU: Compress-Bandage-PBT-First-Aid-Bandage

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This practical, disposable, breathable, non-sterile compress bandage PBT first aid bandage uses conforming stretch materials to effectively stop bleeding. These elastic bandages are ideal for securing dressings easily. The soft, breathable fabric makes these bandages easy and comfortable to wear.

Product Attributes
• Highly elastic crepe gauze with porous design to allow for would ventilation
• Latex free
• Very skin friendly
• Comfortable to wear
• Offers soft and anti-slip material
• Ideal for securing dressings
• Evenly rolled and easy to unwind
• Good tensile strength

These stretch gauze bandages are suitable for securing wound dressings, especially highly mobile and conical body parts.


1″” x 4.1yds
2″” x 4.1yds
3″” x 4.1yds
4″” x 4.1yds

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