Successful Projects

Client: HM Government

Project: Military and Commercial Aircraft Repurposing Project

Outline: Repurpose and recycle parts from commercial and military (retired) aircraft

Value: £2.5 million

  • Project managed business start-up in readiness for completion of the tender process for an MoD disposals contract
  • Project managed development of management systems for the AS9120 & ISO9001 Quality Standard, ISO14001 Environmental Standard & ISO45001 Health & Safety Standard
  • Managed and conducted internal audits of business processes and procedures
  • Created a full supply chain solution inclusive of 240,000 sqft operational area and suite of facilities
  • Initiated site refurbishment programme for warehouse and office areas
  • Development of an ERP Warehouse Management System (Quantum) including a CRM to enhance operational delivery
  • Provided professional training for career development across organisations

Douglas has been a pivotal player in my Management Team. He has driven cost effective solutions into our business and is adept at finding pragmatic and workable solutions to tricky problems. Many of our aviation customers have demanding compliance requirements of their own and we have secured ‘Authorised Supplier’ status to many major players in the industry.

Chris Murray MBE

Client: HM Government and British Army

Project: Decomissioning, ISO Quality Control and Logistics Management

Outline: On site location in Duqm Port, Oman, management of 1,000s of assets decommisioned to strict guidelines. Also implemented many cost saving strategies

Value: £100 million

  • Advised and guided packing stock into media for re-deployment and/or storage for later use in order to support target levels for performance metric
  • Review and complete Subject Matter Expert (SME) support to the completion of consignment documentation paperwork as agreed to the recognised standard in order to minimise risk of disruption in the reverse supply chain
  • Provided guidance as required on efficient approaches to packing of media in order to balance “in-country” effort with warehouse activity to “put away” inventory
  • Advised and guided on the most efficient final delivery in the Strategic Base end location for medical, food, general supplies and clothing commodities
  • Acted as focal point for co-ordination of the Delivery Team
  • Advised on what stock should be re-deployed and in what priority
  • Consultation on supply chain management for the shipping container fleet deployed “in-country”
  • Provided advice and guidance to support a 100% check of TEUs at SHAFA or Duqm that contained materiel to return to the UK
  • Provided advice and guidance on which items should be disposed of “in-country” to avoid unnecessary movement and, for those items, provision of a disposal service

I have known of Douglas Thornton for over 15 years professionally — his steadfast reputation as a professionally credible and operationally proven logistician was well known and trusted in military circles. More recently I have had the opportunity and great pleasure to work with him in Oman, leading an expeditionary logistic team on a two month project supporting the UK armed forces during their largest overseas deployment since Afghanistan. Douglas is a competent, experienced and knowledgeable logistician, however it was his character and personality that made a lasting impression on me. Wholly trustworthy and reliable, and able to effectively engage with a myriad of stakeholders across operational and tactical levels of an organisation, Douglas inspires confidence with his customers. In my experience the ability to build and maintain strong relationships is key to the successful attainment of business objectives, and I believe this is Douglas’ strategic edge.

Ian Parry-Belcher

Client: Department of Health and Social Care

Project: Supply NHS with PPE during Covid-19 pandemic

Outline: Supply 5 million pieces of Covid-19 support PPE

Value: £2.5 million

  • Sourced and delivered approved PPE equipment
  • Ensured compliance with directive E/C93/42EEC & BS EN 14683:2019
  • Liaised with UK and Chinese supply chain
  • INCOTERMS Ex-Works
  • Utilised UK government VAT exempt programme for PPE
  • Delivered within 14 days to the UK
  • Certified Supplier

Client: Private Care Homes

Project: Supply with PPE during Covid-19 pandemic

Outline: Supply 100k pieces of Covid-19 support PPE

Value: £75k

  • Sourced and delivered approved PPE equipment
  • Ensured compliance with directive E/C93/42EEC & BS EN 14683:2019
  • Supported local communities and care homes
  • Delivered as per detailed specification